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Scuba Trust head to Cozumel


Paul Rose

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London and Midlands Diving Chambers

Scuba Trust head to Cozumel

It was a just like any other morning. Not too hot, not too cold, not sunny, nor raining. Who would have guessed that this non-descript morning would see the coming together of...
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Nautilus Lifeline
Richard Peirce's Sharkipedia

Newfoundland or Wonderland?

Garry Dallas

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Richard Peirce's Sharkipedia

In the 1975 film Jaws, the presence of a Great White shark threatened the prosperity of a fictional seaside town called Amity. In real life in 2016 and 2017 the absence of Great White...
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Sole with mushrooms, samphire and brown shrimp butter sauce

Highlights From The Archive:

Issue 16 - Bull**** Shark

Issue 7 - Letters

Issue 16 - Elections, Guides and Washing Machines

Cooking the Catch: Sole

Andrew Maxwell

A few weeks ago, I took a group of our Diploma students at Tante Marie Culinary Academy on a visit to Shipton Mill, a traditional flour mill which has been operating for many centuries...
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Dr Olivetti Firth, Diving Shaman

Diving was invented in 1974. Within minutes diving pestilence evolved. Thus Dr Oli Firth had to be built out of the finest elements known to humanity. Now he is here to answer all your diving medical queries. So get on it or we'll have to deconstruct him again and use his bits to build a ferocious squirrel. No one wants that.
50 Reasons to Hate the French
The Dive Lectures at the Royal Geographical Society were a great success yet again in 2016, with a sell out crowd and a record amount raised for Scuba Trust. Check out our behind the scenes cam from the night.

The speakers were:
  • Lord Prescott (via video link)
  • Marine biologist Pat Spain
  • Author Graham Hancock

Latest entry from the blog:

Student with a turtle in Roots

The family scuba diving business Divecrew based in Crowthorne has just won two major business awards. Divecrew is a PADI 5 Star IDC (Instructor Development Centre) Centre, a PADI Approved Youth Training Centre and the UK’s only Gold Star IDC Centre. 


Divecrew won the Federation of Small Businesses (South East) Family Business of the Year for 2018. They also won the award previously in 2017. This year they were shorted listed by the Federation in to the final 12 nationally, but unfortunately was piped by another worthy winner. 


Following on from this success Divecrew were nominated in the UK Enterprise Awards and won “Best Diving Services and Holiday Firm 2018”. 


Co-owner Martin Weddell stated, ‘This recognition is humbling and really superb acknowledgement for the professional team of Divecrew. My wife and I bought the ailing business six years ago and with our previous corporate business life being in leisure, we have changed its fortunes around. Divecrew has now enjoyed five years of continuous growth. 


We believe in very high standards of professionalism and have diversified into new and innovative areas of scuba diving teaching. 


Divecrew are the UK’s only Gold Star Instructor Development Centre due to our work with adaptive teaching. We are world leaders in teaching techniques to make scuba diving accessible to the physically and mentally challenged. From teaching injured troops (Improvised Explosive Device casualties) through the charity Deptherapy, to working in the community, students with MS, Autism, partially sighted and profoundly deaf. The benefits of scuba diving are immense and we shall continue with our strategic direction of increasing quality and pushing new boundaries. To facilitate this we have invested time and resources into our professional team. Our team are adaptive qualified, enhanced DBS licensed, NVQ level Understanding Autism, NVQ Level 2 Understanding Mental Health and certified in Safe Guarding Children and Adults’. I don’t know of any other dive centre that goes to this professional level of training’. 



Business is good for this Gold Star organisation and Divecrew are now working hard on seeking to open another Divecrew facility, in neighbouring Hampshire. 



Divecrew are funding free try dives for Forces Personnel at Aldershot Garrison to celebrate Armed Forces Day Saturday 23rd June 2018. If you are in the armed forces or are a family member contact Divecrew and book your free try dive. 


If you would like any more info get in contact with Divecrew: info@divecrew.co.uk





A message from Ed

Let me start by introducing myself, I am Tanked Up Magazine's New Editor in Chief and I have chosen to start with a bang: Issue 24, the H*Bomb issue.

I am a diver, nothing fancy, and I love diving in the UK. I have dedicated my career to doing so since completing my porridge in the tropics and realising I dislike donning wetsuits to that extreme.

Juliet wrote in the first issue of TU "An old scuba diver friend once commented that mainstream diving magazines worldwide have never really changed in the last 20 years. But divers have." This to me still rings true. I love to celebrate cool and relevant diving content and I am so excited to have the opportunity to grow this mag from the sea bed upwards.

In this issue we focus on the Docs getting beasted by Kristin the Scuba Personal Trainer, we hear from DCI survivors with their accounts of being bent abroad. In addition to these reads, Scuba Trust take us on an inspirational journey to the Cenotes with their amazing team of instructors. The man himself, the incredible Paul Rose takes us on a gripping journey of his experience dealing with his health and diving while our trip contributors continue to encourage underwater adventures in some dreamy locations, and much more.

I would like to extend a huge thank you and a large appreciation to all of the entrants that took part in the Front Cover Competition. We were overwhelmed by the number of entries and it was a task and a half having to decide between them all. They are all winners in my eyes as advocates of our precious waters.

Special well done to watery photo winner Daniel Lawrence, who made the front page with his entry of his love, the mermaid with red hair, what a beautiful moment to capture and the TU team thank you for sharing this with our readers.

So here goes, pre dive safety checks done, see you at the bottom.


And so: Upload your Club Night photos and the good photographs you've taken in the deep. Even take a step on your journalistic career and write up your last dive trip. Whatever sort of diver you are, from a violent sociopath like Tyson the triggerfish to a sexually-retarded instructor like Brad, enjoy this website and get hold of a copy of Tanked Up Magazine.

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