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Travelling Diver

A message from Ed

"Well that's upset the apple cart". This phrase has now taken on proportions far huger than ever thought. A poor street vendor has his upturned and within a month or two we have three revolutions across North Africa and more to follow.

The Red Sea dive sites, by all accounts, have tumbleweed floating past and the poor holiday companies can't shift a liveaboard out there for love nor money.

So now is probably the best time you could ever go to Egypt. You could be the only diver on the Thistlegorm what a thought! So, diver, chase up this once in a lifetime opportunity, before the Germans get there first.

My lad was watching some of the Cairo riot scenes. I asked him what he thought, expecting a youthful view on revolution... "They're not very good at throwing" he remarked.

As a final note to those who have gotten rid of their resident despots democracy sometimes ain't all its cracked up to be. If you think it will get rid of corruption, nepotism and a police state, think again. When I read about duck houses, more Etonians in the cabinet and get threatening letters for late parking fine payments it makes me yearn for the return of King John and the feudal barons.

Enough politicking get reading about diving.

This issue takes you to dive sites beyond your imagination, gives you the chance to win riches without compare. And it's free. There is a God!


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