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Now this is a really special place I've got for you in this issue diving on the Isle of Skye. Not only are there a huge choice of both scenic and wreck dive sites, but the location is quite simply magical. Sitting in a wild and startlingly beautiful bay of north western Skye, is the small fishing village of Stein, where a line of white-washed buildings face out across the bay and out to the Minch. With a dive centre, a proper local's boozer and a fine fish restaurant I can't wait to head back to this quiet corner. Hmm... however, things rarely turn out so quiet when a dive club comes to visit from what I can gather (my brother's dive club are not well remembered for their Dacorum and my boyfriend's regular club trips were legendary for both the diving and tall tales).
The Underwater Channel

Food & Booze

This may only be a small fishing village and although there isn't a high street packed with Chinese take-aways and Indian restaurants, you will not go hungry. Both the Stein Inn and Lochbay Seafood Restaurant offer great food.

If you feel that you really need to get your popadums and prawn crackers (you heathen), then you will have a little drive to Portree. Alternatively you can throw together something for yourself if you are staying at the dive centre's self-catering accommodation.

A Good Night's Kip

Skye rocks Dive & Sea The Hebrides offer self-catering accommodation for up to ten people in cabin-style bunks with great sea views.
Tel: 01470 592 219.

Fisherman's cottages: The Old Post Office & Henderson House
Tel: 01470 592 235.

Stein Inn: Both B&B and self-catering options at this idyllic pub.
Tel: 01470 592 362.

Out and About

Scuba Trust
Dwellings The Isle of Skye is very much about enjoying nature, the outdoors and the spectacular scenery. There are a huge choice of walks you can do from easy strolls, to a short walk up to the Old Man of Storr, or if you are an experienced hiker, then the Cuillin and Minginish will certainly offer a challenge (make sure you are prepared for the ever-changing weather conditions, these mountains require scrambling and even rock-climbing experience. Please allow enough time after diving before going to altitude). Look out for golden eagles soaring over the mountain tops or if you're wandering about on the lower grounds near the grassy fields, then listen out for the unmistakable and peculiar sound of the male corncrakes during the summer months.
Fieldery There are various companies offering dolphin and whale-watching trips (including Dive & Sea The Hebrides). Many of these offering the chance to see the white-tailed sea eagle, that has successfully been reintroduced here.

Other companies include: Aquaxplore, Whalespotting, M/V Stardust.

Local diving contacts

Dive & Sea The Hebrides: One of the most welcoming dive centres, found in a perfect location. Facilities include: boat charter; compressor, drying, changing and storerooms and accommodation. The staff live on-site and are available for assistance, diving information and invaluable local knowledge.
Denney Diving

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