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Ocean Leisure
I donít know if any of your readers can help. I am looking for a dive buddy having just finished my Open Water course whilst I was on a modelling assignment in Barbados for the 2012 Pirelli Calender. I know this might be asking a lot of another person, so I am happy to pay travel expenses and they can share my penthouse in Weymouth when we go wreck diving down there. I am learning massage too, so if they are happy for me to practise on them after a hard dayís diving, I will bring the body oils.

I am a single Latvian girl and will also swap lessons in English diving terminology for anything at all.


We have her email address in the editorial office, so if anyone can be bothered at all, please contact us. Ed

I love your magazine, but canít seem to get hold of it easily. My local dive shop runs out of it very quickly so I am a bit stuck as it is a fifty mile drive to the next one. Help!

Andy Simmonds

Andy, most dive shops get about thirty issues each print run. However, the main inland dive sites Ė Stoney, Chepstow and Vobster have more stock. If you canít get there then a good old SAE to us gets you a shiny new copy.
Which is safer after a dive, bacon sandwich or sausage bap? I only ask this as a mate of mine had the bacon and dropped his tank on his foot. I had the sausage but got a cerebral bend. We are both in wheel chairs now.

Robbie T

Doctor Oli writes: The sheer larger volume of a sossy bap will pull the blood into the gastro system for digestion, thus decreasing off gassing from other tissues, hence the DCI risk. Bacon sannos are greasier, your fingers will be slippy, weights and tanks will fall footward. Medically the best option is a Pot Noodle.

Is it true that the Queen has a Superinjunction banning the press from reporting her affair with Jacques Cousteau in the fifties? Wills loves diving and they always say it skips a generation. And Charles loves the environment and has a similar nose to that Frenchie. I would hate to think that our future Kings had Frog blood not Greek coursing through their Royal veins.

Jeff Stanks

I have attached a picture of my partner Andre Topliss diving in Malta, I would love it if you would consider publishing this picture in an issue of your magazine, he would really be so made up!

Yours in anticipation!

Julie Bradley

Andre Topliss diving in Malta

Feeling inspired? Why not write to us yourself? We'll put the best letters up here and in our next issue.
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