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Rob Hunt

I didnít want the Germans to get their hands on it.

I told you, ďI literally canít wait to get in the waterĒ.

It was looking at me funny.

I was feeling a bit Titanicky.

I could tell you, but then Iíd have to kill you. No, wait, Iíll kill you anyway, but Iím not going to tell you.

Thereís all sorts going on up there in my brain box.

I did it in the name of love, honour and sacrifice. Also, a drunken bet.

Just because I promised I can drive a boat. Why do you always have to take everything I say so seriously?

Naughty boat. Naughty, naughty, naughty.

Iím right-handed.

Chief Brody said we needed a bigger boat.

Video game made me do it.

It was there.

I was on the grassy knoll and I got a bit carried away.

How can something that weighs so much possibly float without the assistance of witchcraft?

Iím an undercover agent for the artificial reef society. And a maniac.

The power of Christ compelled me.

I dreamt about it and I want to be psychic.

What would Camus do?

It seemed plausible.

I thought badminton would be more fun than steering. And it was.

I assumed it was unsinkable.

It was due one.

I had to reduce overheads.

Cogito ergo sinkum.

Itís the principle of the thing.

How was I to know a sledgehammer would cause so much damage?

Thatís life in the big city.

It was just a very poppable RIB.

Theories are rife about this sort of thing.

You canít stop progress.

It was a slow news day.

Stop living in the past.

I consider the asking of this question to be a violence against my person.

Nobody asked Nero why he crossed the Rubicon.

For larks.

I did wonder at the time whether I should be doing it.

People donít sink boats, water does.

Itís whatís known in the industry as a rebranding.

Why boat when you can plane?

There was a rat I wanted to get rid of.

I forgot about whether youíre supposed to aim for the bits of reef or not.

If weíre going to play the blame game, why did you leave the milk out of the fridge last week so that it got warm?

If I had a pound for every time someoneís asked me that question...

Itís very difficult to tell from the fossil record whether I did it or not.

You told me to be more decisive.

Clearly someone hacked into my brain account.

The Lib Dems.

I wanted to impress Jodie Foster.

It was easy.

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