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I find lying face down in a cold bath, wearing my dry suit whilst blindfolded replicates a jolly good dive in British waters.

John Tidy,

Scottish independence? I personally will be voting for it as an Englishman. Ive had enough of their whiny voices, persistent drug taking and chippiness.

Hey! It might make them figure out a service industry when times are harder. Imagine... restaurants open after 8pm in Mull. Better food too.

And they might have to smile a bit more.



I saw that Monty Halls at the Dive Lectures in February. What a guy! One minute hes all alone with a dog in Scotland. Next moment hes on the Barrier Reef. I cant keep up with him. But I tell you what... if hes well nails, hed come diving on my manor in Croydon. Weve got a small pond full of needles, Lidl trolleys and two discarded terrapins. Only one
man has ever been in there Fat Terry from number 23 and he woz pushed. So come on Monty! There must be some endangered newt you can discover there. Nick Baker had a go but went off crying after his wetsuit 
got nicked.

Addington Kru

Has anyone noticed that since the Eurozone crisis the coral seems to be recovering in Sharm. I cant figure out why?

Can any of you at Tanked Up provide a solution?

Big Mo,
Camel Bar

The Italians cant afford to go there any more.


Has anyone else ever put their head into the washing machine whilst its still full of water? No. Well it is the nearest I have ever gotten to cave diving. I recommend it.

Jimmy Stanton,

I am diving up at Capernwray in a while. It will be along trip for me so I want to stay the night up there before. Wheres a good place to stay near there and with a bit of nightlife?


And on the 8th day God gave us Morecambe Bay.

So Northern pop band The Roses told us. Nowhere better in my view. Pubs, all with discos, kebabs till 4am and cheap beer. Its only a few minutes away too.


London and Midlands Diving Chambers
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