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Hello boys and girls, allow me to introduce myself, I am the Secret Scuba Style Hunter! Imagine an amphibian Gok Wan, stalking the diving haunts of the Great British Isles to bring you all the latest news in Scuba fashion. What’s the dish du jour in wetsuit design? Who’s got the most eye-catching snorkel colour or wearing the most flattering fin shape? All you wanted to know about the mysterious world of underwater style and more.

This week’s theme:

Wetsuits take a Walk on the Wild Side.

It has come to Style Hunter’s attention that many a British diver is now becoming more adventurous with their wet/dry suit design. Gone are the days where one would see a mass of the traditional black and greys emerging from the water but instead we can now see

a rather large dollop of colour and pizzazz emerging

on the scuba scene.

‘We will not conform!’ the new trendy British diver is saying, no vocal proclamation is necessary though, this new breed of underwater adventurer chooses to express himself with an exotic print instead. He will not be beaten by the doom and gloom of the British winter, and by suiting up in a fetching cerise leopard-print number he is kicking the mossy English landscape in the cajones and saying ‘Cold be damned, this dive will be epic!’

Style Hunter applauds this radical new direction that Scuba wear is taking as it is sure to enlighten the mood of any crack dive team braving the British waters in these cold months and will undoubtedly inspire an enjoyable,

if not colourful, dive.

Of particular prominence in the Midlands area is the camouflage print on a semi-dry suit. Style hunter has noticed this subtle, yet pioneering, design bobbing up and down on the UK sites. The camouflage diver likes to stay inland, reserving his weekends for the rocky terrains of the man-made dive sites. The camo-wearer is a courageous sort, usually a seasoned weekend warrior who takes no prisoners on his quest for underwater domination. Skilled and proficient in the sunken delights

at Stoney, Vobster and beyond, only the brave and dedicated can get away with this fashion-forward trend.

So with all these exciting new developments in the world of Scuba clothing what is next for the keen fahionista who likes to stay one step ahead of the pack? Well, Style Hunter has been doing some research and it is safe to say that neon colours are set to make a huge impact on Scuba wear this season. Push the boundaries with clashing greens and yellows – think lime and

citrus – and make sure you’re the envy of your fellow Scuba buddies. Be warned, this trend is not for the faint hearted, you must work the look with confidence and cultivate a kind of hipster swagger if you have any hope of pulling it off.

Ciao for now, darlings. Style Hunter will be back next issue with some more great Scuba fashion tips.

Stay stylish!

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