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I am a bit concerned about how variable some dive shops are with their forms for the medical questions. I've just come back from Spain having dived there a lot. In some parts of that country you are asked to provide a pre-signed doctors medical statement before you can even dive. In other parts it seems they are not even bothered whether you are fit or not. I took my godson for a try dive in one resort. They said to fill out the medical form but also said that if he answered YES to any question, they would not let him dive. So I think there's an onus to lie on the form, with no explanation as to what are really bad problems, or what might be OK. (He had sinus surgery a year ago and the surgeon said he'd be alright to dive... but it's still a yes on the form).

I am confused as to what should be the gold standard. Should we all get a docs sign off before arriving abroad, especially Spain, or rely on the ad hoc nature of the varying dive shops?

Jim Trewett


When oh when will the cries of an adoring public finally find a receptive ear? Is it not enough that we, the people, are forced to survive with only one Rob's World per issue to read, with little else in the way of Rob to peruse and make the torture of another three months pass more easily? Apparently not! Instead, the curious fan, taking the time to read the all-too-brief biography of this literary giant on the back page, is somehow expected to believe that the man is single! Such wild claims are so patently unbelievable that placing them beneath a photo can therefore be construed as nothing other than an incitement to riot. Needless to say, I will not rest until these lies stop and the world is finally given what it so craves: more Rob and less not-Rob.
Yours rabidly,

Not Rob

Not Where Rob Lives

Ed says: Fear not, the discerning reader is sure to find evidence of more Rob in this issue starting, no doubt, with the above letter which it appears he actually went to the effort of disguising his signature on and posting.

Fantastic first issue of London Diver Magazine, but the price-tag is a mockery. I fail to see why I should be forced to pay absolutely nothing for such a quality read. Might I suggest that dive clubs invest in some £3.80 stickers and liberally apply them to all future issues?
Yours angrily,

M Barking


Great first issue. I got a copy from Wraysbury whilst watching the rain pour and my heart sink deeper than an overweighted novice diver. Bugger this so called British summer. But at least Tyson the Triggerfish made me smile as I had to shlep back to Hammersmith. Keep it up.

Stevey O


So which movement is really the best for equalizing? Your article said to Valsalva - "like catching a sneeze". But my Instructor swears by swallowing. And my mate says to yawn underwater, and that will pop it. To tell the truth I have tried all 3 at times, and each works on occasions, but not always. And can I add another technique. Try coughing into the regulator. That once worked when all else failed.

Jenny Hughes


Having just finished the exploits of Tyson, I'd just like to express my appreciation at reading a magazine that finally dares speak the truth about our yellow and grey brethren. Now, I'm not racialist, some of my best friends are triggerfish, but it's high time something was done about these toothy bastards who have nothing better to do than hang around on patches of sand all day, attacking any innocent diver that happens to swim by. It's not fashionable to say it these days, but in my opinion Jacques Cousteau was dead right when he went around dynamiting all that coral. Send 'em back to their own reefs, I say.
Yours incoherently,

Major Windows XP


The Underwater Channel
I'm just back from a dive trip out in Malaysia. I am a girl. I love to dive. I love to travel around the world and dive. However, as a girl travelling on my own, I hear some classic lines from various dive guides:
  • "Let me take you down to the jetty this evening. You must come and see the stars."
  • "From an instructor who was unable to join on my boat one day, “None of you men on this boat are to touch my girl." At what point did he think that I was 'his girl'?!
  • "Let me take you on a tour of my local area." Mmm and what local area is he talking about?
  • "A phone call to my room at 7am when I had told the dive centre that I would have a lie in and join for the late morning dive, "Do you want to dive with Ben or me later? Yesterday you said you would dive on my boat, but Ben says you are diving on his." – Yeah great, 2 dive guides fighting over me now. Oh boy, did they get the evil look when I turned up later.
Do you men ever have this problem if you travel alone? What other lines do you girls get?

Kate Miller


Just got back from Sharm this week. And as much as I like their attitude towards check dives for everyone, it can be a bit of a pain.

I am an active Instructor and only had 2 days to dive there. One had to be spent on shallow dives. Surely there is a level of diver who does not need to do this.


Just wanted to say what a GREAT Magazine, it really went down a treat at Dive Solutions. We received it on club night & it was really great to see Mike, Kitty & Brian's photos in print & the stories & the info bits were cool & interesting to read.


West London

I agree with M Barking except surely a £5.50 price tag would be more effective at keeping out the riff-raff.
Yours unreasonably

C Kane

Alton Towers

I really enjoyed the new magazine and particular thanks to your chef - I was diving down in Sussex last week and ended up buying a live lobster (something I have never dared do before) and cooking it together with the nettle butter (I have never eaten nettles before either) - absolutely delicious!
Many thanks


Loved the piece on Jordan. Did you also know that the 3 countries, Egypt, Israel and Jordan are looking to create a single tourist area from Tabah through Eilat to Aqaba. If it comes off, it's going to show that Dive Tourism can conquer even the most difficult of political situations.


Luv ur mgazn, bt wntd 2 say tht sm ov the rflxve pronns wr grmaticly ncorrct.

Sk8 Boy

Unfortunately, not by text

Looks good! Very useful, good stuff. Good resources here. Thanks much!


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