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Selsey Pier


If you London Divers have not already been diving down around Selsey, West Sussex, then I recommend that you head down there, as this is a great place for some really enjoyable UK diving and it's so close to our smoggy city.

Some of the top dives here are: the shore dives of The Lifeboat Station or East Beach Ramp or further out to sea is The Far Mulberry or Mixon Hole. The water is brimming with life and best of all in spring, you have a good chance to see that fine old ugly fish the lumpucker.

The best of the b&bs and guest houses include:

Windfall Cottage: 01243 602 205
St Andrews Lodge: 01243 606 899
Norton Lea: 01243 605 454
Greenacre: 01243 602 912 (very highly recommended by divers that have stayed here)
Ivy House: 01243 601 444
Cornerways: 01243 603 380


Grub's Up

Not a bad choice of places to eat here in Selsey. I thoroughly recommend grabbing some classic British fish and chips for lunch. Nice Plaice Fish & Chips (located on East Beach Parade) cook everything fresh to order and often with locally caught fish available truly wonderful and will certainly keep away those diving hungry grumps.

There are also a couple of pubs that serve up some good food. Both The Seal and The Lifeboat have reasonably priced menus. The Lifeboat has a restaurant menu in addition to the bar menu. However, book in advance as the restaurant does get pretty hectic.

The High Street also offers a choice of Indian, Chinese and a variety of take aways. The top Indian seems to be the New Magna Tandoori Restaurant.

New Magna Tandoori Restaurant
85 High Street, Selsey
Tel: 01243 603 535

The Seal 6 Hillfield Road, Selsey
Tel: 01243 602 461

The Lifeboat 26 Albion Road, Selsey
Tel: 01243 603 501

Beer O'Clock

The Seal and The Lifeboat are perfect for a couple of pints at the end of a day's diving, but there are a number of other pubs to try out too and the atmosphere in Selsey is really friendly. But if there's a big group of you and you want to shake those booties then I'm afraid you'll have to head in to Chichester. A couple of local cab firms will offer good prices so no one need drive ask to be taken to Thursdays Night Club.

Thursdays Nightclub
Drayton House, Drayton Lane,
Drayton, Chichester
Medmerry Cars
Tel: 01243 605 551
Nautilus Lifeline

Dive Centres

Mulberry Divers
9 Orchard Parade, East Beach,
Selsey, West Sussex, PO20 0NS
Tel: 01243 601 000

Wittering Divers
12 Oakfield Road, East Wittering,
West Sussex, PO20 8RP
Tel: 01243 672 031
Denney Diving

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