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Collin Miles

28 Divers from Divecrew Bracknell Berkshire had their trip of a lifetime reach new heights with the first sighting ever of a new four metre (plus) Whale Shark off Grouper Point in the Seychelles.

The Whale Shark was spotted swimming at 10 metres just off the headland and Stephen Sparkes was able to capture the moment on camera.
Ocean Leisure
Turtle Later, back at the Dive Centre (which is part of the Marine Conservation Society Seychelles headquarters), the images were run through their sighting database of that particular individual and to Divecrew’s group surprise this was the first ever sighting. Dr David Rowlatt of the Conservation society was equally pleased as this formed the thirty-eigth unique new Whale Shark sighting that year and was pleasantly surprised, as the Whale Shark season had finished some 3 weeks earlier.

It was particularly lucky as 17 of the divers had taken part in the PADI Whale Shark Distinctive Specialty. As a momento they were all given a commemorative plaque featuring the Whale Shark sighting.
Octopus We hope to run more trips to the Seychelles in September 2010, when we will help the MCSS efforts to track and record more sightings.
Ray   Ralf Tech
Eagle Ray  

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