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Catfish Dive & Safari

A message from Ed

You'll have to excuse me this issue, 'cos I'm going to get a bit political here. Well someone has to as our pathetic people in charge and in opposition are as feckless as the youth that hang out on my street corner.

The whole point about a recession that is fast leaning toward a depression, is that you can't just spend your way out of it. That's what got us here in the first place. Banks that lent the useless money for tat they didn't need and couldn't afford to pay back have been caught out. In my book there is only one thing to do, invest money at grassroots level to skill up our population, so when the global economy turns we are better prepared to take advantage of it than other nations.

Which brings me to my point. When I got into diving and dive medicine, it was at the time of a government initiative where learning SCUBA was an option for an NVQ. People could effectively learn to dive for free and get a vocational qualification to boot. And it changed the lives of many, keeping dive shops open and taking people off in directions they could only have dreamt about. So where is our lobby group hassling the Business Minister to re-work this old scheme? Nowhere because we don't have one. PADI is seen as American with no sway in UK politik. BSAC has no incentive. Perhaps we should all write individually to Mandy to get him to act.

On a lighter note. S**t the photos we got in from you all were hotter than Britney on a spit. Picking the winner was as hard a call as jumping off the liveaboard for the hammerheads just as the Swedish Hawaiian Tropic team peel off for the rays on the top deck. Keep them coming in, heavy of file, thick and fast. At the end of this year we may well have "the Daddy of all photos" with a prize beyond your diviest dreams. Like a car. Or something. So what's in this issue? Dunno, stuff about diving I suppose.

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