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Dolphin Dilemma

Dolphin Dilemma

Eleni Evangelinos

Hi, I'm Eleni, I'm 17 and I'm studying English literature, Psychology and Art at A-Level. I love to write, investigate and I'm extremely curious (some would say, nosey) which is why I am hoping to go into journalism in the future! I wrote this article because I've always thought the debate about animal captivity was fascinating. One of the closest instances where people will come first hand with the issue is in marine parks and resorts when offered the opportunity to swim with dolphins. I believe it's everyone's right to make an informed decision on the subject and consider the needs of the animals.

Swimming with dolphins, whether it be at a marine park or an aquarium, is a popular and increasingly more accessible opportunity for families on holiday. However, is it really ethical to keep these animals in captivity for the sole purpose of being able to entertain humans? It is important to consider both the positives and negatives, as many people are unaware of the overall consequences on these intelligent, socially adept creatures...

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