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Scuba Trust in Eyemouth

Scuba Trust in Eyemouth

Howard Sobey

'OK then, let's give it a go!' said Lindsay. I was stunned into silence for a second or two. 'OK I'll arrange it!' I said.

That was it! Decision made. Lindsay wanted to do some U.K. diving and see some seals and it was our responsibility to make it happen. This does not seem like a big challenge on the face of it, but what I haven't told you is that Lindsay is a paraplegic and he lost the movement in his lower body in 1976 as a result of a tractor accident.

We were selling raffle tickets on the Scuba Trust stall at the Dive Show at the NEC at the time and I had gone off on one of my wistful rants about how diving should not be limited to a few weeks in the sun every year as there is so much around our shores that only takes a couple of hours in the car to get to. I am normally met with comments of 'too cold' or 'no viz' and eyed suspiciously as a BSAC revolutionary by some of the other members of the trust...

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